Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day Three

Hello everybody! Today was our second day in the orphanage. It’s hard to believe that we are already halfway there (cue Journey music). Our day in a nutshell: Jake didn’t sleep and the smoothie place was closed L, Caroline taught the pretty girl and went for a run in the rain, Joanne danced the chicken dance,  Abbey refused to try tofu and Emily received a foreign name. All in all, our team agreed that today was a step up from yesterday. We all felt more comfortable with the children, and that they, in turn, became more at ease with us. We saw improvements in many of the kids and their behavior. One of the older children broke out of her shell, which really brightened Abbey’s day.
A high point for many of us is sharing a devotional in the morning with the staff before we begin our work begins. Tonight, one of the staff members cooked a feast for our dinner, then we partook in a traditional tea ceremony. The picture included depicts the flowers that we gave our host. Keep the prayers coming! Please pray for our sleep (as jet lag kicks in), health, and continued improvement in the children. We thank you all for participating in our journey.

Caroline, Joanne, Emily V., Jake, and Abbey


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